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a specialist motoring lawyer

If you drive a car, taxi or lorry, or ride a motorcycle, the chances are that sooner or later you will face a road traffic prosecution. For most people the consequences of a motoring offence may be limited to an endorsement with penalty points on their driving licence and a modest fine. For others, however, the impact may be far greater including a driving ban, which can result in the loss of a job, a large fine or even imprisonment.

The law relating to driving offences is not straightforward and many solicitors don't offer help in this area. That's where I differ. I am a specialist motoring solicitor with with an excellent track record and experience of representing clients in the courts of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and across the country for nearly 30 years.

Receiving a "Notice of Intended Prosecution", a summons or being charged at a police station can be extremely stressful when the implications of a driving conviction may be disqualification or worse. 

It is important to act quickly and with a sense of purpose. In these circumstances I will bring good judgement, support and a calm and clear head.

This is how I can help:

  • I will single-mindedly fight to save your license and your reputation. I am known for robust, thorough and expert representation.
  • I offer straightforward expert legal advice
  • I guide you through all stages of proceedings
  • I will assess your legal position and advise you honestly
  • I will tell you the best options open to you and help you achieve the best result based on the realities of your case
  • I won't waste time or money or unfairly raise your expectations
  • I can't work miracles if you are in the wrong but I can help you if you are in the right

On my website you will find resources and information that help explain some everyday aspects of motoring law. However there is no substitute for swift specialist advice and if you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution, been summoned or charged, time is of the essence so call me on:

01580 292409 o07876 711708

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