Should the UK have graduated driving licences?

Graduated driving licenceUK Prime Minister Theresa May has hinted at further restrictions to new drivers, in an effort to cut road casualties.

The Department for Transport is due to research a 'graduated licencing system', similar to those used in various other countries around the world, that could potentially ban new drivers from carrying passengers and driving at night.

This particular issue was raised by Jenny Chapman, Labour MP for Darlington, after a child was killed in her constituency by a learner driver. Figures demonstrated that a quarter of young drivers (between age 17 and 24) are involved in an accident within the first two years of gaining their licence, and around 400 serious injuries or deaths involve young motorists.

Countries including the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Austria use graduated licensing, and incorporate various approaches and restrictions. Some establish a minimum learning period, others request drivers take an additional test 12 months after their initial pass. Other potential options are a lower drink-drive limit, not carrying passengers under a certain age and a ban on night-time driving. This would be in addition to the present UK law that any driver who gains six points within the first two years of passing their test will automatically lose their licence.

Road safety charity Brake are in full support of this shift and feel that "Our current licencing system is not fit for purpose and throws newly-qualified drivers in at the deep end, at great risk to themselves and others."

What do you think? Is a graduated licencing system the best way to help new drivers?



This is by far the best Proposal i have heard to date, there is also a need to reduce the amount of Foreign Heavy Goods Vehicles on our Highways, Poor Driver Training, incomplete records and Vehicles which have very poor service history are causing more accidents and hold ups on our National Motorway Network than ever before. It is also about time that Drivers of all ages should be rewarded by Insurance Companies for their Years of No Claims Discount, renewals far to often do not reflect a drivers good history. Also there is a case that those drivers caught within 10 miles per hour should have their license induced but it should only carry on a drivers license for 12 months, there is no evidence to prove driving at 60 in a 50mph area will have an influence on Lives saved, this is purely a money making enterprise by our ailing Police Force. As for new drivers i still believe you are still learning on the roads even after 5 years, so a progressive license would be an excellent idea, which definitely have a life saving influence. In my own family situation, my Father has been diving for over 70 years he has never had a claim or a speeding conviction, i regularly go out with him to check he still has his awareness and it was recently agreed between us that it is safer if he does not drive at night time due to the glare of new Halogen lights, he has followed this instruction and agrees with me that there are many others on the Road who would benefit by reducing their hours on the Road, it would make it a far safer place to be with those who are not experienced or lacking in conference to refrain from driving especially at peek times. Yours Sincerely Vivian Rees
Comment by Vivian Rees - dth 2 2018
About time!
Comment by John Worpole - dth 2 2018
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